The five best and five worst Berlin artists

inaugural exhibition

opening 16 May 2014, 6.30 - 9 pm


We are pleased to announce the inaugural exhibition of our new branch in New York City. The five best and five worst Berlin artists opens with a fine selection of artists - spanning no less than 4 generations - all biographically connected to Berlin.

After-show-party 9 pm at BIN 71, 237 Columbus Avenue (corner of 71st St.), NY 10023-4003



Marcus Behmer, Aleister Crowley, Klaus Ferentschik, Helga Goetze, Janus Kadel

as well as

René Luckhardt, Bob Rutman, Bianca Schönig, Sören Marquardt, Friedrich Schröder Sonnenstern



Marcus Michael Douglas Behmer, Invite for exhibition at gallery Rudolf Springer, Berlin 1951 Radierung auf Büttenpapier, signed and dedicated, 8,5 x 6,5 cm. Private Collection Berlin. Wonderloch Kellerland New York 2014

Aleister Crowley Wall Painting at the Abbey of Thelema, Sicilly 1920 (Figure in a door jamb, possibly depiction of Baphomet) Photo by René Luckhardt, digitally remastered 180 x 66,5 cm (approximates the original size) 2010 Limited edition of 10 digital prints/200 g photopaper, signed. Wonderloch Kellerland New York 2014

Klaus Ferentschik Manuscript (first/last page) from the cable encyclopaedia The cable encyclopaedia was specially compiled by Klaus Ferentschik for the exhibition Connecting Sound Etc. Cable Works, Cable Sounds, Cables Everywhere at freiraum quartier21 INTERNATIONAL / MuseumsQuartier Wien. It contains definitions for more then 600 German words containing the word Kabel. These include words ranging from Kabelsystem to Kabeljau and Vokabel (meaning respectively: wiring system, haddock and vocabulary) — and it is noteworthy, but above all astonishing, in which contexts or combinations the word Kabel sometimes appears in German. (DER KONTERFEI 003 / paperback / German / 60 pages / ISBN 978-3-9503749-3-3 / to be published in June 2014). Wonderloch kellerland New York 2014

René Luckhardt Untitled Kellerloch Painting (Male (?) head with hood) Oil on cardboard (double-sided painting) year unknown (Kellerloch period). Wonderloch Kellerland 2014

Sören Marquardt mit Einem ohne Drei Schneider Vier Ink on paper, A4, 1996. Wonderloch Kellerland New York 2014

Helga Goetze Andacht: Frau und Blumen Embroidery, 24 x 33 cm November 1996 (catalogue of works, Nr. 97) Private collection Frankfurt. Wonderloch Kellerland New York 2014

Bob Rutman T-shirt Steel Cello Ensemble Courtesy the artist

Janus Kadel Untitled Oil on postcard, 1998

Bianca Schönig Arnold kämpft mit Unsichtbarem 2006 Private Collection. Wonderloch Kellerland New York 2014

Friedrich Schröder Sonnenstern Der Zauberfrosch hat Lichtblick Grano-Lithographie nach einer Schablonenzeichnung. Signiert u. num. 1973. 84 x 60 cm. Der Herausgeber: "doppelseitiger Tondruck auf braunem Bütten, das Packpapier imitierend. 1973, 84 cm auf 60 cm; 7-farbige Lithographie Mathieu (Zürich) Auflage 290 Stück (XL hc.). Wonderloch Kellerland New York 2014


We would like to thank all lenders for their kind support.